Exterior/Interior Design Tips for 2020

The most festive time of year has arrived. It is time to welcome 2020 with new trends and colors for a new productive year. Here are some ideas for interior and exterior that will change your home.

Initially we recommend low furniture, floor cushions, many indoor plants, natural materials and a warm palette of natural and white tones, which give a tone of wellness and tranquility to your home to make your home a haven of exterior stress. world. In addition, earthy tones on the walls will remain favorites for this year as well, such as pale orange, pink and various warm and cool shades of blue and green.

Another trend we will see in 2020 is large-scale art paintings. This can be achieved through wallpaper, decals or large works of art. Do not be afraid to place tables as a backdrop above your bed or sofa so your space will get a dynamic look.

To enhance human connection with nature, 2020 tells us to add indoor plants to our home for a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. The setting will in fact be reminiscent of a peaceful Eden paradise.

On the other hand, the new trends of the coming year announce great ideas for an outdoor room. Basically, you extend your home and have more space in the yard. Feel free to add some exterior pillows to the back porch or a small table and bistro chairs on the balcony to make the most of your space. Add some fabulous fairy lights for a boho-chic trend and your way to the glory of the outdoor hall is highlighted!

Finally, the hottest trend that works in harmony with all other forecasts for the coming year are all lighting fixtures! From retro light to boho-chic chandeliers and all associated glass lamps. Glass lighting is great thanks to its ability to integrate with so many different aesthetics of the interior thanks to its multi-layered design. Whether it is elegant round glass lamps that emit a light hygge glow, or the perfect trio of Hamptons glass pendants on top of a kitchen table, there is no trend that glass lighting can't get over!

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