10 Easter Decoration Ideas For Your Home

Door Decorations

You can make your own custom door decoration with just an egg garland and a grapevine frame. A combination of these two will give a beautiful touch to your home.

See the Full Tutorial Here

Modern Grey Shades

This beautiful gray shade decoration is so easy! Place your grey and white eggs in a glass vase and add matching feathers.

This Decor can be customized with the colors of your preference!

Bunny Stand

This is so cute and really simple! Find an Easter Desert Stand, or a Bunny Desert Stand and add deserts of your preference.

Gold Bunnies

Find plain bunny planters and pain them gold with a spray paint. Then simply add plants of your preference. The result is simply beautiful!

See The Full Tutorial Here

Easter Cake Stand Decoration

Use your favorite desert tray and create this centerpiece for your home.

See the Full Tutorial Here

Easter Floral Arrangement

A stunning floral arrangements for every home! Pastel colors with beautiful flowers!

See the Full Tutorial Here

Easter Place-cards

These easy to make place-cards will decorate your Easter Dinner Table, giving it an elegant touch.

See the Full Tutorial Here

Bunny Napkins

Another alluring Easter Dinner Table Decoration! A Bunny out of a napkin. Amaze your guests with this easy Bunny Napkin Fold.

See the Full Tutorial Here

Easter - Spring Decoration

This clever combination of spring and Easter is amazing! 2 in 1 Decor for your home.

See the Full Tutorial Here

Egg for a Vase

Turn an empty egg shell into a delicate vase by carefully chipping away at the top.

See the Full Tutorial Here

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